Testing a theory

my parts in a box!

The photo you see above are my craptastic failed parts from Classic Jaguar. I decided to send them back as I’m unsatisfied with them. I suspect I’ll never hear a word from them, much less a refund. We’ll see. I include the text of the letter enclosed after the jump…

Classic Jaguar (Parts Dept.)
9916 Hwy 290W
Austin, TX 78736

To whom it may concern,

I noted on your website the following language concerning your parts:
“Team CJ components are the highest quality, most thoroughly engineered performance upgrades available for your Jaguar. We have invested thousands of hours of research and real world testing to ensure that our components are safe, practical, durable and easy to install. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Such is the confidence that we have in our products, many Team CJ components are guaranteed for life!”

Enclosed you will find two ‘TeamCJ Performance Parts” I wish to return as I am quite unsatisfied with either their failure, or their installation by Classic Jaguar.

The first item is a set of brass bushing from the rear hubs. I’m fairly certain the bushings themselves are not to blame, but Classic Jaguar’s lack of attention to detail when restoring this car the second time. That is the post-flood restoration in 2001/2002. You will note that when examined closely, the bushings appear to have been lubricated with a fine paste of bayou silt and rainwater. It is obvious to me that your skilled technicians neglected to disassemble, clean, re-install, and re-lubricate these critical parts during their restoration work. As such these parts show premature wear.

The second item is a braided stainless steel brake line, which has failed. The inner sleeve has sprung a leak, allowing brake fluid to fill the outer area of the line.

I have since replaced both of these parts with stock Jaguar components, as my faith in after-market “performance parts” is a bit shaken. I am not interested in replacements of like parts, refunding their purchase price would suffice. CJ was paid $140 for the bushing set, and $60 for a pair of brake lines, so a refund of $170 is in order.

Chuck Goolsbee

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  1. And yet many still have deep man-crushes on DM. I swear, all it takes to be successful in the Brit car business in the states is a British accent. If I ever open a shop, I’m taking lessons from me mum and totally faking an upbringing in Chesire.

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