Car Photo Of The Day. No mystery here.


There is no mystery as to what kind of car this is, so no need for guessing games. But, being black it lends itself to mystery and danger. The ride of choice for the Italian villian Diabolik, and the color that convinced Sir William to build the coupe version of the car. The E-type was originally designed to be an open two seat car, with classic lineage to the D-type and C-type before it. Legend has it that an American panel beater employed at the Coventry factory pleaded to make a coupe, and created the iconic shape you see above. Sir William Lyons had it painted black and the rest is history. Black really lets you see the shape of the car as reflected light. It is sexy as hell if you ask me.

I’m not a fan of the coupe, but if I had one, it would certainly be black.

5 thoughts on “Car Photo Of The Day. No mystery here.”

  1. chuck, is the open f-stop depth of field effect in this, and other, works of yours done in camera, or in Pshop? If in camera, I’d like to know how to do it! If in PS, I’d REALLY like to know how to do it!

  2. Paul, I did that in Photoshop. I TRY to do as much in camera as possible, but I really try and spend my camera time LOOKING and composing, rather than thinking about settings and light.

    I learned Photoshop back in the version 1.0.7 days, and the things I recall most vividly from the guy who taught me were:

    FIRST: You select what you want to work on

    THEN: You do what you want to do.

    So most of the time is used to select the work area, in this case the background which I wanted to blur/fade. I use the lasso tool, most often as a polygonal… mouse around until I have selected what I want. Then I just apply the “blur more” filter until it is subtly unfocussed… then I use the “levels” command to flatten out the light and that pushes the foreground up.

    That is it in a nutshell. I’m available for telephone tutorials in photoshop! It would happily repay you for your telephone tutorials in Jaguar wrenching over the years! 🙂


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