Happy Solstice!

I love this time of year, especially at northern latitudes. The long, lingering twilight makes me so happy.

Tonight I noted a storm over the Cascades east of our house.. it even had thunder, a very are occurrence here in the Pacific Northwest. It sprouted a double rainbow for while as it passed. This photo was taken sometime after 9:00pm. It is 10:20 right now and finally getting dark, though the northern horizon still holds blue light and high clouds still reflect light.

Starting tomorrow is all starts marching backwards until December, when we have darkness for most of the day. Enjoy it while it lasts!

3 thoughts on “Happy Solstice!”

  1. Chuck, I’m suspecting you might be an old hippy. Or an unrepentant romantic and sentimentalist (but then I suppose you have to be as a Jaguar owner).

  2. Well, count me in: My wife and I were married this solstice, on this pass of the sun!
    Easy to remember, and a symbolic reirth of our lives.
    We woke early, made a cuppa, and went out to see the sun rise, on a beautiful, clear and crisp morning like Colorado is known for.
    We got a surprise gift of THAT night in a bnB up in Loveland, so we went up, then watched the sun set on our most beautiful summer solstice day.


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