7 thoughts on “Guess what this is!”

  1. Is it the upper end of the wishbone, C.20255? I suppose it could be the fulcrum shaft mount. Either one is a bummer…lot of wear there.

  2. VERY close. Think aftermarket replacement for a stock Jaguar part. Then think about a flashy aftermarket Jaguar parts pusher and restorer (and soon to be book author!) with an outright fetish for “Billet Aluminium”… while this isn’t billet, it does start with a “B”…. two Bs in fact.

    The part itself is not suspect, and probably would have lasted an infinite number of miles if installed and lubricated properly. In this case though, it was lubricated with a fine mixture of rainwater and bayou silt. :\

  3. Is this the fabulous bronze bushing replacement for the never-wearing needle rollers in the fulcrum? I’ve never understood the fascination with replacing what is an over-engineered part. My machinist was sent a set a few years back and refused to install them in one of his customer’s rear ends. Er, that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean.


    “…and what do we have for our winner Johnny?”

    A LIFETIME supply of “Rice-A-Roni”… the San Francisco treat! Would you like that installed in YOUR rear-end Roger?

  5. Do I get kissed first?

    Is there an alternative cash prize, or a ceramic dalmation…something?

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