Car Photo of the Day: Name That Car.

It’s a pretty easy one, but it’s just a softball before I hit you with a weekend puzzler that’ll get Mad Dog all frothy and perturbed in that uniquely English manner of his. 😉

14 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Name That Car.”

  1. xk 150?
    I have some pics of a just restored 150 from Tsikuris Classics that I should post. Black with black wires and brown leather- she’s a peach!

  2. Goodie! I’ll split the CPoD gift with JC, a bottle of Moet et Chandon ’62. Sounds fair to me….


  3. Re: Post 7: JC, that which is pictured is *not* a 150: It’s a 120. And Paul Tsikuris does some of the MOST astonishly clean, beautiful work I’ve EVER seen. I’ve met him, and his shop is unprepossessing, he’s a powerfully nice guy…and his restos will bring *tears* to your eyes!

  4. You should have looked up Ginger Corda; she lives in Lakeland, and is a TOP Jaguar enthusiast, and Paul’s Numero Uno cheerleader! She is ONE amazing li’l package of energy, flair, and enthusiasm!

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