14 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Weekend Stumper.”

  1. That is the closest guess so far, as it is British.

    Here’s a hint: This is from what I understand, a factory-built one-off racer. The rest of the cars this company makes look NOTHING like this. In fact, they have always looked nothing like this.

  2. Hey…. Ginetta is as British as Aston… And the twin bonnet bulges look just like a G4.

    Gotta be a Morgan then, if the others look nothing like it.

  3. I’ll be damned! I *never* knew Morgan had EVER gotten off the ‘restyled ox-cart’ school of automotive design! Thanks, CG! Pretty car…bet it’s got *ash* in there,m summwures….:):)

  4. I came in way to late on this one but there’s an interesting evolution of guesses. Despite the fact that the Morgan logo is prominently displayed on the nose (a bit like my age, I wouldn’t have believed it) I would have said (i) Osca and (ii) Ginetta. I’ve notice that Wiggy and I often think along similar lines. I thought I knew all the Morgan models including the ultra rare Plus 4 Plus but clearly I was wrong. These puzzles can be very humbling. Incidentally I have an ever increasing desire to own a 1957 + Four, ox cart design not withstanding. Mille Miglia anyone?

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