Name that tune^X^X^X^X car!

A lifetime supply of some useless condiment awaits the winner of today’s contest!**

Name that car. Nice dashboard. Should be easy to guess.

Bonus point for naming the car parked just behind it (even easier than the car in the foreground honestly)

HUGE bonus if you can correctly identify every car in the photo.

**Not really. All you get is car-geek credibility.

Bugatti Type 55

A detail photo of the left front wheel of a Bugatti Type 55. I have no idea why there is safety wire on the knock-offs, as I don’t see any logic to the arrangement. But, it certainly seems correct on the very hand-made, but very high-craft, high-quality of the Bugatti. The Type 55 was the road-legal version of the Type 54 Grand Prix racing car… the XK-SS to the Jaguar D-type as it were. I photographed this while visiting Dean & Wendy Edmonds’ collection in Florida. It was a stop along the final running of the Forza Amelia, the only Vintage Rally where my father and I managed an outright win. That was a ton of fun. Seeing the Edmonds’ collection, and the Collier Museum were two amazing highlights to an incredible week.

It’s… A Ferrari

OK, I’m not a huge fan of Ferraris, but you gotta like this image. I shot it on the Forza Mille in Nova Scotia in autumn 2001. I don’t follow Ferrari models, so somebody will have to fill me in on the model number and name (550 Maranello maybe?)

Along with my collection of “weird car” photos that I already publish under the category of “weird-seen” I figure I’d start sharing my more traditional shots of good stuff too. I’ve called it “car photo of the week” but I reserve the right to publish more, or less than a photo a week. Enjoy.