Audi R10 completes perfect ALMS season at Laguna Seca – Autoblog

Diesel = Power. Audi has proven it.

Conventional wisdom has always said that Diesels are slow, noisy, and smoky. What you are looking at above is fast, quiet (everyone who has seen & heard the R10 says they are eerily quiet race cars), and smoke-free. Conventional wisdom in this case is just plain WRONG.

So, where are our options for Diesel powered street cars? Where’s my TDI TT Roadster?

America needs more Diesel power options for cars, period.

eBay Motors: Jaguar : XKE (item 300039703867 end time Oct-28-06 14:38:23 PDT)

eBay Motors: Jaguar : XKE (item 300039703867 end time Oct-28-06 14:38:23 PDT)

Oh. My. Gawd.

This one has been under discussion on the E-type mailing list. The seller says it is a “parts car”… but look closely at the engine bay photo. The fire was so hot it melted the aluminum cam covers!


Redline Batmobile demonstration

Redline Batmobile demonstration

I’m completely hooked on this new racing game from Ambrosia Software called “Redline”… it is VERY well done from a physics perspective. Just like driving a real car it is a little weird at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can chuck the cars around the track pretty well. The cars all behave like you would expect them to, with FWD understeer and RWD oversteer, and AWD… well… gripping. The game has racetracks and streets and dirt and snow… all behaving like they should. The only intrusion into unreality is the lack of crash damage, and the physical limit of the track itself.

Then along came the .. “batmobile.” It isn’t what you think. 😉

But it does make for fun with Physics!