Christopher Graduates!

Christopher graduated from high school tonight, June 10th 2008.

It was held at the football stadium at Arlington High School, and thankfully the rains ceased for a few hours for the event to pass. Of course as soon as it concluded, the drizzle started again. We’re all very happy.

We started the evening with a dinner at La Hacienda. Then we dropped Chris off at the school as he had to be there an hour before.

Above: Chris puts on the gown.

Above: Sue watches as the cap goes on.

The actual ceremony took place with a stadium full of parents and relatives of all the students. The parking lot was overflowed and we ended up far away. We did a poor job of logistics and ended up pretty far from Chris’ spot in the ceremony. I brought my telephoto lens and managed to pick him out of the crowd:

Above: Chris enters the stadium.

Above: Where’s Waldo?

Above: Chris hands his name to the reader.

…and walks towards the stage.

Of course my photos of him on the stage are blurry and somebody walked right in front of me right about that time as well(!)

Oh well.

There was music and of course boring speeches… it wrapped up with some youthful exuberance:

We finally found each other down on the field after it was all over and got a group shot:

One down, one to go!

A cool “lump” on eBay.

I know I’m way behind on blogging. Sorry I’ve been busy in my real life away from this website lately. I will finish up the previous post on the Classic Motorcar Rally real soon. In the meantime have a look at this. Some guys on the Jag-Lovers E-type list have been chatting about it and I figured I’d share. Nice to see an engine swap go the other way sometime. So often American V8 crate motors get shoehorned into Jaguars, usually with unwise structural modifications to frame rails, which transform potentially valuable classics into worthless parts cars. However in this particular case, the car’s creator was truly looking to make art first, car second. He chose the motor for beauty, and the Jaguar XK is indeed a beautiful engine. Not a shabby performer either, but you have to admit it looks very much at home in that open engine bay. Much prettier than a squat V8 or a stove-bolt six.

BTW: I’d love have those wheels!

2008 Classic Motorcar Rally.

The 2008 Annie & Steve Norman Classic Motorcar Rally is finished. I don’t know our final standing, but I can tell you it won’t be very good. Dad & I were way off our game and did not do very well. Perhaps I can blame it all on the weather! 😉 We’ll find out soon, but in the meantime here are some photos. I’ll add more soon, so check back.

Above: Dad buckles into the Navigator’s seat to start the Rally. The top is up since it is raining. 🙁

Above: The start under the archway of the Inn at Port Ludlow.

Above: Rallymaster Doug Breithaupt gives us a countdown for the start.

We roared off, only to find our odometer not working! We reset it and it started functioning, but this first leg was an odo calibration section… so we were screwed.

Above: Annie & Steve Norman’s 1964 Bentley S3 Continental.

Above: Susan & Ken Olsen’s 1973 BMW 3.0CS

Above: Adele & David Cohen’s 1939 Bentley 4.5 Liter.

Above: Dad working on route/time calculations.

Above: Michelle & Dana (inset) Swanson, in a 1991 Mistubishi Galant VR4. They do gravel rallys in this car.

At a rest stop the Navigators all get serious and try to do as much pre-calculation as possible. Meanwhile us drivers just stand around and look stupid… or in my case, take pictures. 😉

Above: Car 1, a 1958 Alfa Romeo Guilietta run by Alan Chockie & Antoinette Slavich.

Above: A lovely little blue Fiat 500. Phil Rome, the driver ended up swapping it for a Jaguar XJ6C halfway through the first day (he is local and lives in Port Townsend) as the little Fiat could not maintain speed up long hills.

The weather was just downright crappy. The forecast kept giving us a glimmer of hope, but it never really delivered. It just kept spitting rain, mist, showers, and sprinkles all day long. We finally got a sunbreak late in the day and actually dropped the top on the last segment, but it stayed up all the next day.

After lunch we visited a grade school in Port Townsend and all the kids came out to see the cars. I tilted the Jaguar’s bonnet up to give the kids a thrill.

Above: Mike & Howard Becker’s 1960 Pontiac Star Chief (another father/son team.)

Above: The interior of the BMW coupe.

Above: Duane Crandall has a look at the engine compartment of the 1969 280sl driven by his daughter Lauren. Of course once a bonnet goes up, the boys all gather to look.

Above: Red sports cars are always a hit.

After the school, we caravanned to Bergstrom Automotive in Port Townsend, a wonderful shop in an old Hudson Dealership one block off the waterfront. It is chock-full of automobilia! My dad bought a Road & Track magazine from 1960 with a road test of a 300sl roadster. They had zillions of old car mags, books, parts, signage, etc. A gearhead’s paradise! The prices seemed very reasonable too. I highly suggest a stop there if your in the area.

Above: Bergstrom Automotive.

Above: Waiting for our check-out time in Port Townsend.

2008 Classic Motorcar Rally, Getting There.

I’m in Port Ludlow, WA with my dad, once again running the Classic Motorcar Rally. We left Arlington this morning in the rain, and chose the southern route via the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry to get here. Rode the MV Spokane, arrived at the hotel, checked into the rally, attended the welcome meeting, and had a nice dinner. This hotel has the world’s worst Internet connection, so bear with me for the next few days.

Still trying to fix my weird electrical issues in the 65E. I “hot wired” the fan to the “Map Light” switch with a fused wire so at least now I can cool the car off if I need to. Mind you that is unlikely since it is freezing fricking cold and raining! My horn doesn’t work either and I ordered a relay from SNG. It arrived *literally* as we were leaving home. I went to replace it after we arrived at the hotel, only to find it is the wrong part. Grrrr.

“Dine & Dash” with John & Eleanor Bennett from Australia.

We hosted a gathering of Jaguar folks at our home today. These are all people who have met through the auspices of E-type forum/mailing list on John Bennett and his wife Eleanor from Perth, Australia were visiting their son, who lives near Seattle. I volunteered to host a get-together so they could meet other “jag lovers” in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, true to form the Pacific Northwest put on misty rain for the event. As such a small fraction of the folks I invited managed to turn up. But we had three E-types (and two XJs) and did manage to go for a nice drive on some fun roads, with John having the chance to drive two different E-types: a S3 V-12 and a S1 car.

You can see all the photos from the day here.

We had a great time, despite the weather.

2008 New England 1000: Day 3, Thursday. Last day of the rally – Part 2: Car Porn!.

Being at RPM was like being a drug fiend in Amsterdam… it was an assault of pure car porn. I loved it. RPM is a family business: Peter Markowski and his two sons, Stephan and Eben Markowski. RPM is best known as a Ferrari shop, and the first time I went there it seemed to be 90+% Ferraris. It seems they’ve branched out a bit now … a little bit of everything. Even Jaguars! From the outside you would never know what lies within. It appears to be a typical Vermont farm, with a house and two barns. Inside the barns however is all manner of magic and delight. Here, lets have a look….

Above: A Ferrari 166 coupe body being restored.

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