Oh my… Aston on Blocks

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or shout.

I received these photos from reader (and frequent commenter) Jerome Lumley in New Zealand this evening. Apparently this happened in Auckland. he included this quote:

Somewhere in Auckland there’s a 1976 Cortina Station Wagon with a vinyl roof, louvres and a Supercheap Autos 5 speed gear knob driving around with 21″ wheels worth around $40k!

You do have to give it to the theives how they left the car in such a minimal state, balanced on merely two cinder blocks. But it does beg the question… where’s your garage and why wasn’t the car parked in it Mr. Aston-Moron?

6 thoughts on “Oh my… Aston on Blocks”

  1. I would almost sorta like to own a vintage Aston, though I really cannot afford it, and the lust isn’t that strong. But…..wheels worth $10,000 apiece? Even $10,000NZ seems like a lot of money for one wheel.

  2. Thanks Nick! For me, it was just another chance to take a dig at that Aston-Martin driver that cut me off from a checkpoint at the 1999 New England 1000 Vintage Rally (the infamous “Aston-Moron Incident”!)… costing us the overall win. I can’t pass up a chance to tweak Aston-Morons. šŸ˜‰


  3. the price for the wheels could be wrong…. photos and text came to me via email with no credit as things do…. so I don’t know exact origin but it is NZ as those are real NZ plates on both cars – Jerome

  4. Anyone so cheeky (as the Kiwis would say) and presumptous to have “AM 007” on his rego plates deserves to be seperated from his expensive wheels…;)
    “Aston Moron”..love it!!!!

  5. Hey..leaving it in such a brick-balanced states *proves the nearly perfect 50/50 weight distribution, eh?..;)))
    Trivia: down undah, they call those ‘toilet blocks!’ ..go figger….

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