The Big Snow of 2008-9, start to finish.

I finally had a chance last night to edit together all my time-lapse footage from the big snowfall over the holidays. Our snowfall events here in the Pacific Northwest generally are short-lived. I set up my time lapse gear to capture the rapid snowmelt that USUALLY happens, but instead it ended up continuing to fall and then staying around for over 3 weeks! So I varied the shots and continued to capture until the very end. I’ve compiled it all into a ~7 minute video. See the snow accumulate and then melt, icicles grow and shrink. Trees shake off their mantles of snow. At this latitude (>48°N) at this time of year days are short and nights long, hence the darkness. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The Big Snow of 2008-9, start to finish.”

  1. Music credit comes up at the end: “Valkyrie Missle” by Angles & Airwaves.

    I can’t honestly recall where I found that clip, but it was lounging away in my iTunes library and just seemed to fit this video best… long slow buildup with a fast-paced second-half. I was going to go Pat Metheny, or maybe Sigur Ros, but this tune fit better.

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