11 thoughts on “This should be fun…”

  1. OK, hints:

    The first two are obvious stylistic variants on the Ferrari “barchetta”, the nearer one was transformed into an Icon by a Yank with a big motor with a penchant for snakes. The farther one, well… it should be fun to field guesses. The 3rd one is an icon in and of itself, and the 4th should be an easy guess. The last two are dead giveaways! 😉


  2. Sorry, Chuck, haven’t been checking in.

    AC 260 Cobra or late Ford-powered Ace nearest the camera. Ferrari 250 (not sure what variant, if any), an Alfa Giulietta Spider, and a couple of bathtubs. Not sure what the second car is. It has drum brakes, which says either any Ferrari up till 1994 or 1950s. It has what looks like Rudge wire wheels on it, not Borranis. It’s left-hand drive, so it was made for export if English or is from the mainland. The rear end with the tail-lights and stubby fins should ring a bell, but not.

  3. AC Ace (original British inline 6 engine), (mystery car.. hint, it is Italian, but NOT a Ferrari!) The Ferrari next to it is a 250 SWB. Bingo on the Alfa Roger, Ditto on the Stuttgart Bathtubs.

    Need more hints on the Mystery Italian Machine?

  4. That nose style on Ace’s indicates a late car, powered by a Ruddspeed modified Ford Zephyr six, as I recall.

    Lemme think about the Italian Stallion for a few hours. 😉

  5. That particular Ace, by the way, to my eye is the most desireable variant of the Ace/Aceca/Cobra family, including the cobras. They’re very rare.

  6. Roger, you are a car geek extraordinaire. 😉

    I agree that the AC is a gorgeous car. The later chubby Cobras destroyed the lines of that design IMO.

  7. If you have all given up on car #2, here is your last hint:

    It has a Fiat 1500 engine and an all aluminum ultra-lightweight body. It was able to keep up with the E-type just fine as I suspect its horsepower to weight ratio was pretty much identical to the Jags, around 1:10. Very pretty little car, and quite rare.

    I’ll answer tomorrow if you still haven’t figured it out.


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