As Promised: More of “Ol Yellar”

This is a historically significant car, of which I know little. Perhaps one of our commentators can provide more background than I. Here it is parked in front of another historically significant item, a nationally known structure (though perhaps not in the same nation) … can you name it?

Meanwhile, soak in some more photos “after the jump.”

4 thoughts on “As Promised: More of “Ol Yellar””

  1. Just thought of this: Were you to get a ‘wayback machine,’ and take the car back to Riverside, with those modern radial tires on it, the car would have RUN AWAY AND HID from *all* other competition.

    One of *the* most important automotive advancements in the past 50 years is the VAST increase in the quality of tires. The *lowliest* of cheap-o radials today would boot into the puckerbrush the BEST racing tires of the 50s and 60s, and well into the 70s.

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