Car Photo of the Day: Name That Car.

At the start of a large Vintage Car rally I participated in a while back I noted the unique lines of this particular car from this particular angle. From other angles it is obvious what this car is, but from above and behind the passenger side, it becomes sort of… generic. I thought it would make for a great CPotD guessing game. Do you know what car it is?

10 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Name That Car.”

  1. The SZ is a completely different car than the one above though. Is that photo from Sears Point? Sure looks like it.

    And Paul, you’re stealing my thunder as a Junior Zagato is (was?) an upcoming CPotD! 😛

  2. Um…

    1) Yes, it is. So? 🙂

    2) Dunno. Found it on the Internets.

    3) You *still* cooda posted it…DOH! Something tells me you gots LOTS better fotos of the car anyway…so post’em!


  3. Chuck,

    I don’t know if the SZ is from Sears Point. I Google’d the image above. There was a silver one at Amelia last year that I couldn’t pull myself away from. The SZ seems to be quite polarizing. Some love it, some couldn’t care less about the design.

    Interestingly, I believe the Giulietta was replaced by the Giulia TZ which I assume only shared the Giulia name with the SS. Another beautiful car:

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