Car Photo of the Day: Wrenching.

Not really a car, but one of its major components. In this case a rather famous one. While you guys ponder the nature of this machine I’ll be out in the barn wrenching on my daily driver. The recent cold snap forced me to switch to running 100% petro-Diesel and I suspect that has contributed to a common malady in VW TDI engines, a clogged EGR/Intake manifold. I’m pulling both the EGR & the intake manifold off the Jetta’s much-smaller-than-this-photo’s engine and cleaning out the accumulated soot. Thankfully there is a wonderful community of smart folks online, in the form of who share all the “how-tos” of TDI maintenance freely. Armed with that info, I’m off to do battle! Wish me luck & See you soon!

11 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Wrenching.”

  1. I love these modern cappuccino machines (don’t know what brand it is, though). Good luck with the wrenching. How about the Pump House on Tuesday?

  2. Definition of elegance and brilliance: note how the intake cam cover is also the intake manifold…simply brilliant!

  3. David, as you were there the day that photo was taken can you confirm that this is a Maser 4-cam? I actually seem to recall it being something else (but that day was a complete car-porn-overload for me! It is all a blur now.)

    Perhaps I can convince Steve M to chime in as this was taken at his shop??

  4. Snigger…

    You know, Chuck, if you changed the title of the website to “Chuck Goolsbee’s Little Online Shop of Car Porn,” you’d get a LOT more hits?

    You’re’s nothing, really.


  5. “Peter Falk”, Colombo from the 70s. The last Ferrari 60 degree V12 that lived up front, in the 365 GTC/4.

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