Car Photo of the Day: This is not a car…

…but it is just as evocative. This is a spot near the highest point on this particular road. This photo was taken in the late summer of 2006, when the western US was literally consumed by large forest fires. That is why it is so hazy.

There is something about that sweep of asphalt, tight switchback, and the promise of more of the same that make me want to just… go.

8 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: This is not a car…”

  1. Oh no… this is not the Going To The Sun road. It never gets this high, only going above timberline for a short stretch. What makes the GTTSR so amazing is the vertical relief, especially on the west side.

    This road should be familiar and memorable for anyone who has read Robert Pirsig.

  2. I was looking at Google earth the other day with my son, and saw some roads between Chile & Argentina that make Stelvio Pass look like Snoqualmie!

    Is it tomorrow night at the Pumphouse John?

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