Winding Road

I love the magazine Winding Road. It is an online, PDF distributed magazine for car enthusiasts. They have a very driver focussed view, with an open mind about things like Diesel fuelled passenger cars, and an appreciation for automotive history. Sound familiar? 😉

Anyway, they had a mention in last month’s issue’s editorial that covered both Brock Yates (his recent firing from Car and Driver) and the Going To The Sun Rally. I wrote a letter to them mentioning Mr. Yates and my experiences with him, and the fact that we’re attending the GTTSR too. They printed it – along with a photo of my car, from my diary of the Mille Autunno two years ago. Always cool to see your name in “print”.

Kudos to Steve Mielnicki (MINI driver) for turning me onto Winding Road in April ’05!

3 thoughts on “Winding Road”

  1. Mr. Goolsbee,

    It was a pleasure to run your photo. Thanks for your comment about Winding Road. I’ve bookmarked your site so I look forward to hearing more about your automotive adventures.


    Reilly Brennan

  2. Welcome aboard Reilly! Thanks for joining us.

    If I can get ‘Net access this week, I’ll be updating the site nightly from the road. Should be a blast.


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