Vanishing Point

T-minus 2 days before I point the bonnet of the 65E east and head for Montana.

This photo was taken in Idaho, in the Lemhi valley if I recall correctly due south of Salmon. I’ll be cutting across the horizon left to right a good ways north of here on Highway 12 late afternoon Saturday, or maybe early Sunday as we make our way to Missoula, then on to Red Lodge for the Going To The Sun rally. Should be a blast. The car is all ready to go, and I can barely keep my mind on work. 😉

4 thoughts on “Vanishing Point”

  1. and of course you will be driving for best economy with the price of fuel now won’t you!

    have fun – hope Prince of Darkness is looking the other way as you drive past…


  2. Prince Lucas has been pressed into my service, wearing a “gimp suit” and being stowed in a trunk in the basement. 😉

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