Double Bonus: Car AND Road Photo of the Day

The road is Montana Highway 37 somewhere south of Lake Koocanusa, and east of Libby, Montana. The car is an SS100 Jaguar owned by Philippe Reyns, who graciously offered me a ride. I spent a lot of the time shooting photos, especially of this sort of viewpoint. I wasted a lot of electrons and bits trying to get the camera settings just right for this kind of photo. Once I had it setup properly though the road changed directions casting odd shadows and losing the scenic lake alongside the right shoulder. I had to be satisfied with more trees and less thrilling backgrounds. Oh well.

And yes, my camera and hand were a few inches off the asphalt. 😉

11 thoughts on “Double Bonus: Car AND Road Photo of the Day”

  1. I never noticed before, but there are two highlights on the road surface that are reflections off the wheel’s knockoffs. They randomly appear in several of the shots adjacent to this in time, and vanish when the wheel is in shadow. Cool.

  2. “…yes, my camera and hand were a few inches off the asphalt…”

    S’OK, so long as a few inches of your camera and hand weren’t *ON* the asphalt…. 🙂
    Stupendous shot. As usual.

    Say, I’ll save ya some bandwidth: Assume the preceding is what I’ll say about ANY of your fotos.

    In the eventuality you ever shoot a crappy one, I’ll comment then…K?


  3. “There are TWO crappy photos on the top post as we speak!”

    They don’t count: They’re clearly documentary, ergo, not artsy fartsy.

    Sooooo..if ever you post a ostensible artsy-fartsy foto that’s crappy (grrrr…class, pay ATTENTION!!!) THEN I’ll let you know!

    Man, it’s hard to git good help these days….

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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