GTTSR: Day Five

Stick a fork in us. We’re done.

We arrived in Red Lodge around 1pm. Somehow we were the first car here. We were one of the last to leave Helena this morning, and I only recall passing two rally cars, so how we got here first is a mystery to me. The route book did have two mistakes in it, so maybe people took wrong turns and were delayed. I only took 12 photos today, as I did most of the driving and after you’ve seen a few pictures of rolling plains, you’ve seen them all. 😉

Tonight we’ll have the Rally’s closing reception, and tomorrow I’ll begin my drive home. We took a southern route out here, I’ll likely take a northern route home, hopefully US 2. My friend Brian Medley will be joining me as co-driver, as Mom & Dad will be heading south for home in Colorado.

I’ll try and update the missing bits from the adventure soon. Thanks so much for coming along!


BTW: Today is my 18th wedding anniversary. Sue deserves a big thanks for allowing me to be 1000 miles away having fun without her. A dinner at Bistro San Martin awaits her upon my return.

3 thoughts on “GTTSR: Day Five”

  1. Chuck,

    I really enjoyed your Blog & pics re the GTTSR. Almost makes me want ship my Series 2 Roadster over from Germany to the US
    next year & join in the fun. The scenery looked fantastic as did the empty roads. You rarely get that in Europe nowadays.



  2. yeah thanks again Chuck – always fun to follow your rallies with your Dad – it would be fun to bring over an Aussie tank to drive the roads – but not sure about the driving on the wrong side of the road! 🙂


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