GTTSR: Going Home.

Above: Brian watches the only gas pump in this whole valley drain his wallet into the E-type.

We woke up this morning to a great breakfast, and all the rally members scattering to the four winds. My wind was west-northwest.

I took Dad back to Bozeman, and dropped him off with my Mom. Then I went to the Bozeman Airport and picked up my friend Brian Medley off the flight from Seattle and we pointed our noses home. I asked Brian to come along as my co-driver to get the Jag home, mostly because it would be good not to go alone, but also because Brian is a total gearhead and would love it.

We left Bozeman going west on I-90, but left the Interstate as soon as posssible and headed for Helena on US 287. In Helena we searched for the malt place Bill Woodcock told me about, but found it closed on Sunday. We instead grabbed a fish taco for Brian’s lunch and hit the road west on US 12. After crossing the Continental Divide we got onto some smaller Montana state highways and followed some gorgeous valleys in a northwesterly direction. Our goal was to get to US 2, and take that west. Our short-term goal was to get to Libby for the night, but we only made Kalispell.

Many mini-adventures happened today, including, navigating Helena, a near-dead appearing vicious dog, the only gas pump for miles around, a fire, a fire camp, some deer on the road, and the world’s most bizarre bicycle. Top it off with navigating Kalispell and a great dinner. Tomorrow should see us home in the Puget Sound region if all goes well.