Happy 151st Birthday Dr. Diesel!

Happy Birthday!

Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel was born on this day in 1858. He published “Theorie und Construktion eines rationellen Wärmemotors zum Ersatz der Dampfmaschine und der heute bekannten Verbrennungsmotoren” in 1887. Thank you Herr Diesel, for all of your work. Because of you, I (and many others) have the option of transportation without strict dependance on petroleum as our only source of fuel.

To celebrate, I’d buy one of these, if it were available. C’mon VW, ship it!

5 thoughts on “Happy 151st Birthday Dr. Diesel!”

  1. “Or a…“soot burner” (as the Cal Air Resources Board classifies these motors).”

    And therein lies the problem: CARB has become a self-appointed. puffed-up gang of elite idjits and self-appointed moral arbiters of all they feel they can (and have, in many justifiable causes, not to mention more than a few unjustifiable ones) dictate to the entire nation *their* idea of what is/is not publically acceptable.

    It’s up to the populace (US!!) to keep the screws squeezed shut on their elected Reps and Congressional members to change this out-dated, now-proven-patently false misconception of these so-called ‘soot burners.’

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