Name That Car

OK, this (I hope) will be a tough one. However somebody… and you know who you are Tom(!)… guessed wrong on the Lusso, which would be right on this car. Of course Tom guessed via AIM/iChat, not here on the blog, but maybe he’ll come out of his shell and guess right on this one.

He had the Marque, but not the Model. Bonus points for guessing that right.


3 thoughts on “Name That Car”

  1. Looking forward to seeing what this is. Everything in the engine bay is British, but I cannot figure out whose power plant that is. I cannot recall a small six with DOHC (assuming that’s not just “for show”) made in England that looks like this. The car itself I assume is going to turn out to be something from a small maker.

    I suppose it could be Italian but all of the components being SU, Lucas, etc and RHD should be telling me something.

    Oh, well, brain fart time here.

  2. Well if Tom were smart, he’d toss his guess in here and beat Mister Know It All!

    I’m surprised you don’t recognize it Roger!

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