Car Photo of the Day: Your weekend puzzler.

I saw this car in a museum, at a rest stop at a Vintage Rally last year, the New England 1000. If you attended that rally, (you know who you are, and so do I!) you’re ineligible for guessing. One of my favorite domestic brands here, and one of their early models. Do you know what car it is?

Be patient with me getting back to you on your answers though, as Nicholas & I will be running the Tulip Rallye all day up in Skagit County. Wish us luck!

6 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Your weekend puzzler.”

  1. Need more clues: too many American rides of the 20s looked essentially the same. It *is* a rumble seat roadster, regardless of make!

  2. I figured as much…;)

    So, howzabout a shot of the grille shape? You can photoshop out the marque and/or hood ornament!

    Until then, I’m out in the barn, doing what I can to Tweety while it f**king snows AGAIN….

  3. You could be correct, C’dad..why else would he also obscure the VERY distinctive Packard hoodline?


  4. It is a 1926 Packard 326 Roadster, and I’ll award the win to Corvairdad by default.

    I couldn’t really show any other view for a CPotD guess-fest, since there are so many distinctive Packard-esque things about this car. I guess I hid them all too well.

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