Car Photo of the Day: Mystery Car.

Even I don’t recall exactly what car this is. I know the marque, but not the model, though perusing the wikipedia page for the marque leads to a mildly snoozing memory cell in my head. I’ve photoshopped out the logo that was displayed prominently on the nose of this car to make it a bit harder. Do you know it?

(If I told the story of taking this photo it would give away too much, so I’ll save that for later.)

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  1. Hi All,

    It appears to be a 3 litre Bentley from the 20’s in some sort of racing trim. If it is this car it was referred to as the “Fastest lorry in the world” by Ettore Bugatti”


  2. Newcomer “akierstein” got it. It is an Aston, though I think it is an Ulster.

    I saw the car at the All British Field Meet ay Van Deusen Gardens in Vancover BC a few years back. Gorgeous little car. Sexy and menacing all at once. Here is the original photo:

  3. 1934 Aston Martin Mk II
    At least that’s what the owner wrote on the display card at the 2008 Vancouver ABFM. I have several photos of the car including one of the display card.

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