Odd week.

It was an odd week, this first week of October, 2006. At work, our “we have power” message is finally starting to see some traction in the marketplace. I celebrated my forty-third birthday. The NHL opened their season. My car was voted “Reader Ride of the Week”. My friend Peter Lalor (see blogroll) passed away.

A lot to digest.

3 thoughts on “Odd week.”

  1. Congratulations on the car, business and birthday news, sorry to hear about your friend passing away. It’s been a tough year in that regard on this blog. :^(

  2. Well, in Peter’s case, in many ways it must be a relief. The poor guy’s brain was basically falling apart. =(

  3. Sorry about your friend, chuck: As you know, I lost my longtime friend Mark this past May and it’s been a tough row to hoe (intellectually, at least) so I understand your pian.
    On a brighter note, happy 4th anniversary..of your 39th! I celebrate the 19th Ann. of it this coming Janaury..and I *finally* get my goddam AARP discount! A lot to digest, yes..but we’re still here TO digest it!

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