Diesel Deductions

Above: Fuel Prices in Trafton, WA on June 1st, 2009.

As I noted back in February and March, the price of Diesel at the pump has been tracking consistently lower than gasoline this year. The past few years (since roughly 2005) when it was higher, in some cases quite a bit higher, seems to me to have been an anomaly. This is from the perspective of somebody who has been buying Diesel for three decades, starting in the autumn of 1982 when I took an old 1980 VW Rabbit Diesel with me to college as a sophomore. I wonder if this means the ‘Diesel is more expensive’ meme on the automotive enthusiasts websites will finally die? We’ll see.

Mind you, I haven’t bought any of the stuff at the pump since March, as I fill up on home-brew when the weather is warm. Nice to see the price staying where it should below gasoline though.

One thought on “Diesel Deductions”

  1. always much much cheaper than petrol here… but that would be the excessive govt taxes on the petrol… 🙂 but even with road user charges to pay for the diesel drivers the numbers have been on the increase for a while here – esp since we started to refine better quality of diesel to allow a full range of Euro diesel cars on to the market.


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