Western Landscape with E-type Bonnet

I’m trying to work from home today, but instead am wrestling the technology that allows me to do that. Namely my VOIP phone system and VPN it rides on are acting up and driving me crazy. So I’m seeking a little peace as I pause in the struggle. What better way to calm nerves than to gaze upon a serene and inspiring landscape? This photograph was taken from a pause in the ascent of the Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park. I can’t recall exactly where, but from the looks of things it is still pretty low, but beyond the big switchback after the tunnel.

ahhhh.. I feel better already.

3 thoughts on “Western Landscape with E-type Bonnet”

  1. VOIP phones – spit!! they can’t run ours right in our remote office… just plain useless…

    the geology looks more impressive than the car Chuck! 😉


  2. “the geology looks more impressive than the car Chuck!”

    Hhehehe..I was thinkin’ the VERY same thing! Nothing personal against 65E or chuck, but…I’m a rock jock!


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