Car Photo of the Day: Rain.

Summer is officially over. Yes, I know that was last week, but around here we had an extra few days. Things changed rather suddenly last night. The temps dropped precipitously and today we had rain. Oh well. At least I ran a few errands on Sunday in the E-type. It might get out one or two times more this year, but it will likely go into winter storage soon and that list of “things that must be fixed” will start being whittled away (fix the tach, fix the window mechanism on the passenger side, finally finish that console mod?)

Yes, I’ve used this photo before… what can I say? I have thing for Aston bonnets!

2 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Rain.”

  1. “I have thing for Aston bonnets!”

    We’ve *noticed*….

    And I think you need professional help, and soon!


  2. At least it’s not a Fiat X19 🙂

    My list of winter projects is growing. Trans oil seal (rear), new sump gasket, rear suspension tweaks, new tires, new lower crash pads on the dash, grease all the things that need grease, etc. flush brakes and cooling system. I’m more things will come to light as I get into it.

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