Another Nervous Breakdown

Sorry for the lack of postings of late… I’ve been sick as a dog.

Anyway, in today’s Car Photo of the Day the “breakdown” theme continues. Here it wasn’t so much a breakdown as a near-catastrophe of Hindenburgian proportions. This car ran over a chunk of rebar, which punctured the (full!) gasoline tank, which emptied itself rather quickly. THANKFULLY for all involved, this was not a Hollywood movie, or there would have been a huge explosion. Fortunately it was merely the annual running of the Colorado Grand.

Anyone know the car?

7 thoughts on “Another Nervous Breakdown”

  1. Yes.
    And, my geek humor’s at LEAST as good as your car humor!
    Now, go back to..whatever you server-farm ranchers do…..!
    When you gunna be in town again?

  2. Sowwy to hear of the sickness, chuck; I can relate, having been pretty under the weather myself lately and just now, getting back to being able to *hear.* I had such a bad head cold last week, I *lost* most of my hearing. Talk about scared…..
    Get well!

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