20 years after the wall came down. How we really won the Cold War.

I stumbled across this video today (yes, I know, a day late, but hey, I’ve been sick!) and it struck me as a wonderfully complex, yet simple statement, as art often is.

This group of German rockers sums it up better than anyone writing tributes to Reagan or Gorbachev could ever create. The ideological battle between west and east was won with culture and commerce far more than it was with military hardware or politics. It was simple, easy to grasp economics. I remember saying to anyone who would listen back in the crazy days of 2003 that you don’t conquer the world with the Army, you do it with Coca-Cola, iPods, and Starbucks. You don’t bombard them from the air, you do it with airwaves. The primary motivator for people is a better life for themselves and their families. Religion, politics, and all the other institutions of mankind fall way down on the scale behind that desired better life.

But I’ll just shut up and let you groove to the Krautrock.

This is NOT a love song, just the truth, with a tinge of sarcasm. Feel free to discuss in the comments section…

3 thoughts on “20 years after the wall came down. How we really won the Cold War.”

  1. That video must have cost a FORTUNE to produce, what with all the location shots, and those space suits.

  2. Rammstein not only sold millions of CDs, often with texts which make any US rapper blush (same content, but add 60 IQ points, and yes, it is sung in German). One group member (Flake Lorenz) is also renting…. several Jaguar e-types (Classicdepot in Berlin, they have a web page). They rent their cars in Berlin at Meilendepot, should you ever visit Berlin (cheapest capital in Western Europe) plan 1 day at Meilenwerk, you will not regret it, one of the greatest place for car lovers anywhere in the world. I have never seen less than 5 Mercedes 300SL at this place, more than fifty Ferraris from the early 50ties till today (including 1 – 2 Enzo) and sometimes real rare German cars from the pre-war aera (eg Mercedes 540K Autobahnkurier). Meilenwerk is the biggest Berlin attraction that is not mentioned in any tourist guide. Worth a visit to Berlin.

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