Car Photo of the Day: The Bugatti in the Living Room

The Bugatti in the Living Room.

Inspired by the Bugatti Cententaire post on Phillipe Picavet’s blog today, especially the well-loved and smothered-in-patina pre-war Grand Prix Bug, I present the (in)famous “Bugatti in the Living Room” from Marrowstone Island, Washington. We visited the home of a noted car collector on Marrowstone as part of the 2008 Classic Motorcar Rally and he indeed does have a Bugatti parked in his living room. To say the least the man fits the term “eccentric” quite well. His home is literally built around his collection which includes many notable Jaguars and some amazing pre-war machinery.

Like the Bug that Phillipe presented, this one also can never be called “over-restored”. But unlike the car in Belgium, it does not get used as Ettore intended.

2 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: The Bugatti in the Living Room”

  1. My *only* complaint with this wonderful tableau is, that poor Bug just sits there. Each to his own, sayeth he who smooches the aardvark, but..a car that doesn’t get used, as cars should, just makes me a wee bit sad. My only modification to the scene would be…a garage door, directly behind the Bugatti!

    Other than that, that’s *my* kinda living room!

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