Wonderful Time Lapse – Vancouver

As regular readers know, I enjoy creating time lapse photography. Occasionally though I see work so good that makes me want to quit, as I am obviously not worthy. Reader Yvo Van Doorn posted the link to this video on twitter. It blows me away.

This is professional-grade work. Mine by comparison in child’s play.

I love Vancouver. In the 1990s I spent a LOT of time there, as I was working as a BCAHA on-ice official (Referee & Lineman in ice hockey) and Sue was playing on a Women’s hockey team based in Lynn Valley in North Vancouver. It seemed we drove up every weekend for something. We live equidistant between Sea-Tac & YVR, and I used to prefer flying out of Vancouver, especially to Europe, since there are so many more flights to & from Vancouver compared to Seattle. 9/11 and the massive border crossing hassles put an end to our bi-national lifestyle. Sue still attends many horse-related events in BC, but I rarely drive up except to attend a couple of Jaguar club slalom events each summer.

I ponder what impact the winter games will have on this city I love so much. I hope it doesn’t spoil it too much.

5 thoughts on “Wonderful Time Lapse – Vancouver”

  1. Glad you like it Chuck! It’s definitely worth seeing in 1080p. Put it on my TV last night to show someone who has never gone to Vancouver. That video convinced him to visit the city the next time he is in the area.

  2. Wow…….!!!

    Absolutely mesmerizing! though not a fan of big cities, in this kind of exposition, the beauty is really neat! Those waves of fog, rolling in and out…I got *lost* in time!

    And CG? Don’t beat yerself up too bad, over the relative quality of yours: methinks they had a *weee* bit more money in equipment than you…;)Anyway, your music selection is JUST as good in your time lapses.

    Really neat stuff! Thanks!

  3. Rog, they use a motorized, pivoting head similar to what is used to mount an astronomical telescope. The part where the camera moves AND pans is what blew me away! (such as the Cambie Street Bridge around 1:47—1:59)

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