5 thoughts on “It’s a …”

  1. Even before reading your article links, tha tis *UNMISTADELY* the Mormon Meteor…and *man,* am I jealous you got to see it live! Someday!

  2. Um..make that UNMISTAKEDLY…;))) Also, Ab enkins Drove an Auburn Speedster to its 24 hour record of (I think) 104 MPH average. There is a plate affixed to the passenger side dash panel in all 1935-’36 Sppedsters attesting to the (alleged) fact that Jenkins drove each and every one of the 125 produced…I’m not so sure…;)

  3. Seeing was not as wonderful as HEARING it start and drive. What wonderful music that big straight eight and steamship exhaust make!

    I’ll add some other pictures to the post.


  4. I heard it run probably 10 years or so ago at the Meadowbrook Concours d’Elegance. I was on the opposite side of the show at the time and it still made everyone including myself jump a couple inches. Still the loudest car I’ve heard this side of a dragway.

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