3 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: The Big Nut Behind the Wheel”

  1. In that you can still buy them (more or less) is all the more remarkable. What is an ash frame between friends?

  2. An ash frame between friends or anyone/thing else equals woodworm. What other car do you know that uses state-of-the-art Viking boat technology in its construction? I’ve wanted one ever since I can remember but a little voice in my head says “this might not be a good car and you should consider therapy”. This example is likely to be a Moggie +4 of 50’s vintage although I’m not sure when they switched from cream to black and white gauges (late 50’s I think). In any case it doesn’t matter as classic Morgans (excluding the horrid modern aero thingys) hardly changed from the day they were invented in 1846 to present…

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