Weird Seen: Maybe they lost a bet?

Pink? Portholes? Donks? WTF?


I saw this monstrosity on the express lanes of I-5 going through downtown Seattle northbound one afternoon. I had to wash my eyes out afterwards. Now you will too.

7 thoughts on “Weird Seen: Maybe they lost a bet?”

  1. That just wasn’t an image I needed today. Yikes.

    Still, it has a certain something about it… 🙂

  2. Kinda blurry but I presume those are spinners inside those 22 inchers?

    Lacks right or left rear bumper corner impact dimples. Give it time.

    Right front tire looks like it has 12psi in it. Can’t affect the handling so goes unnoticed.

  3. Tho’ I suspect the meaning of word was different whne uttered by the commentator, viz the canted wheels (OHMIGAWDOMIGAWDOMIGAWD…..) but I have to concur: That is *STUPID.*


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