Car Photo of the Day: Out for a Drive

Topless, in any weather!

Tell a story about your craziest drive.

(this isn’t mine, just an explanation of my day…) Today I played hooky and went for a drive up to Chilliwack to visit Geoff, the (retired!) Yorkshireman who rebuilt the XK engine for me several years ago. He asked how many miles I’d put on the car since then and I guessed… “Probably about 15,000.”

His reply: “You’re out of warranty now!” 😉

I’ll post pictures from my day soon.

One thought on “Car Photo of the Day: Out for a Drive”

  1. Craziest drive? One was two couples in a 64 MGB, from Washington, D.C. to Cumberland, MD, to watch the sports car races at the old airport course. We drove up with the top down, and drove back with the top up! Very cozy! We both married our companions later. And I bought the MGB from him, too.

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