Car Photo of the Day: Name that Beater

Every Saturday evening here in Arlington there is a mini-cruise-in at the local Burger King off of Highway 9. Rain or shine, with far more of the former, all year-round. I only amble down there occasionally, but always bring my camera. It is a VERY laid back crowd, with amazingly eclectic tastes. Every car is welcome. No “Concours d’Arrogance” here at all. I’ve seen everything from Rat Rods to Italian exotics, ’57 Chevys to Volvo P1800s, and Nash-Healeys to Packards. People show up in whatever they have, or in some cases are still working on, as project cars are welcome too. This car showed up once and I had to get a photo of it. Completely unrestored, but far from a “survivor” it is a very tired old beater. Can you name the car?

6 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Name that Beater”

  1. One more on the road, that’s a good thing (but then I’m biased, having just gotten mine back to road-worthy status). 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t have picked the car, but just wanted to add these words because your “Concours d’Arrogance” made me laugh harder than I have all day:

    I had a pretty long talk about the pros and cons of cruise nights and car shows last Saturday (at the local “every car welcome” cruise night in Issaquah). If I had a choice between driving to a cruise night or entering my pride and joy in a car show, I’d pick the cruise night every day of the week.

    For a participant, car shows require more work and preparation for (usually) less payoff. At a cruise night I can just hop in the car and drive there, talk with people who are genuinely interested with no sense that someone else is pitting their car against mine. I don’t have to go over the car if I don’t want to.

    Even so, some cruise nights are less laid back than others. The same friend I was talking to frequents more than I do, and said his last Saturday cruise night someplace different was the most unwelcoming crowd he’s seen. I know Friday nights in Covington don’t allow anything newer than ’75 (a big problem for me since the convertible is only an ’88) but still the people are at least friendly about it and will kindly redirect you to the “outer ring.”

    It’s not that I dislike actual shows, but I just prefer a laid back cruise night atmosphere.

    I’d like to take the trip up to the BK one of these sunny Saturdays and check this out. “Eclectic tastes” sounds right up my alley.

  3. Yes, it is a “Little” Healey. Hard to escape that bulbous give-away under the shifter.

    Hey Bill, your ’88 would be welcome at the “BK Bunch” in Arlington. If you take the Arlington exit (208) of I-5 then head east on SR 530 to SR 9, turn right (south) and the BK is on the left after you go over the hill past the lumber yard. Google map link.

    Ping me via email and I’ll meet you there. (my initials at

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