6 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Still Life with pop-up headlight.”

  1. Hi All,

    That sir is a lotus Eclat Series 2 which was produced from 74-82 . This looks like a later example (80-82) with the horizontal louvres.


  2. Sorry, I need to clarify myself. Not being able to see the boot end of this car i can not tell if it was an Elite Series 2 (Kammback)or Eclat Series 2 (Fastback). I am partial to the Kammback so I guess I had that on the brain


  3. Shaun,

    Thank you (x12) for posting more than just “Eclat”! How about a little enjoyment of these cars, everyone?


  4. This’ll liven up the topic: I thought the Eclat/Elite series of Loti to be some of the *futt bugliest* cars to come down the pike: ditto for the Ferrarfi Mondial…. 🙂

  5. Yes. It is an Elite II. Here are some more photos:

    The second image would have been my “hint” should you guys required it. You guys are just too good though!

  6. Yes Paul, the 70s wedge design language just didn’t work sometimes. Mind you, sometimes it worked VERY well. The Lancia Stratos for example. The Lotus just was not proportioned very well.

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