Car Photo of the Day: Name that car.

Name That Car

I stumbled upon this car at a show last year. The front end had a very E-type or 275GTB look to it, but was nothing of the sort. I’d never seen one in the flesh, so it is a rare beast indeed. Can you ID the car?

11 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Name that car.”

  1. Hmmmmmm…

    Front end is reminiscent of 275 GTB or E-Type.

    Rare Beast. Hmmmmm…

    Alpine is a “good guess”.

    I guess that would mean it’s a


    I’m surprised vroomie didn’t get this one. He’s full of knowledge about obscure cars, especially if they’re front-drive and powered by smokey two-strokes. What he doesn’t know about cars ain’t worth knowin.

    And rocks. Vroomie knows a lot ’bout rocks.

  2. I only know about rocks because they’re what comprise most of my gray matter. Matter of fact, there’s a rock called ‘graywacke’ that would explain why I missed this one…!

    IIRC, the valve springs of the D-B engine were torsion bars!

    Cool car, CG!

  3. “What he doesn’t know about cars ain’t worth knowin.”

    Hell..what I *know* about old, obscure cars ain’t worth knowin!


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