Car Photo of the Day: Parallax View

Name that car.

This is actually a lousy photo. The depth of field is off – pushed too far towards the lens. Pushed a bit outwards, it would have been a bit better as the window frame and other further bits would have been sharp. Oh well.

However it is salvageable as a CPotD though as the odd view of this car, with a wide lens, and a close perspective on the trailing edge of the window presents a view that few people have really paid attention to. The car itself is somewhat common, and has appeared here before, so don’t go fishing into exotica to name it.

7 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Parallax View”

  1. OK….it’s a 356, then…;) At least the steering wheel and the sorta/kinda Stuttgart sticker appear to lead in that there direction!

  2. Bothering me for the last few days because I know that I knew what this car is and just couldn’t quite nail it … Alfa Giulietta / Giulia SS 😉
    Ahhhh … I feel better know

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