2011 Monte Shelton NW Classic Rally, part one.

[this may be a temp entry, as I’m having some minor software issues that prevent me from editing images. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, raw, unedited images can be viewed over on Facebook, or for those not FB-inclined at my usual image dumping grounds here.]

Dad & I are running the 2011 NW Classic again this year, after missing it last year. My folks drove over to central Oregon from Colorado earlier in the week, and yesterday Dad & I drove over the mountains to Portland for scrutineering and check-in. This morning the rally departed downtown Portland and wandered south, eventually arriving at Salishan, south of Lincoln City on the coast.

Dad & I chose to run in the “Vintage” class, which means no calculators. We still can use clocks, but Dad wanted to try doing the “seat of the pants” thing, as that is how we rally once he’s screwed up the calculations anyway. Our pant seats must be finely calibrated, at least according to the results:

Nine Regularity, and One Monte Carlo Segment (with two Regularities NOT SCORED due to road conditions.
1. 00:01
2. 00:23
3. Not Scored
4. Not Scored
5. 00:04
6. 00:06
7. 00:00 (yeah!)
8. 00:05
9. 00:05
10: 00:04 (Monte)

Total Score: 00:52

In a field of 62 cars total that places us 4th overall.

In our class, we’re in 1st, with 41 seconds between us and the second place finisher. I’m really happy with that result, especially considering that the first day, usually the first morning, of the Monte is what always kills us! Now we have to hang in there for another long day of rallying tomorrow (easier said than done!) Stay tuned…