Car Photo Of The Day… name that car.

bork bork bork!

Sort of an easy one…

Shot at the 2004 Northwest Historics. Note that the car is sporting a license plate! I assume the numbers come off and it drives home. That’s real vintage racing!

To those of you who know this model intimately, are those knock-off hubs?

5 thoughts on “Car Photo Of The Day… name that car.”

  1. SAAB Sonnet II….next?
    Now, w/o the use of the internet, anyone know what SAAB stands for? I doooo…;)

  2. As for the wheels, they never came with knockoffs: Those on the car look like Panasports/Minilites.

  3. Pretty ancient..;)
    “Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget!”
    ..why do I waste so many of my brain cells, remembering such useless, arcane crap?..;)))

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