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July 10, 2007

Here’s something you don’t see everyday!

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Sunday I went for a drive in the E-type. I had an errand to do, buying a PVC elbow at a hardware store for the barn project, and the local hardware store is closed on Sunday. I drove down to the “big box” store by the freeway, which happens to be located on the Tulalip Reservation. I figured rather than drive back on the Interstate, I’d take back roads out to Marine Drive, then north to the Stillaguamish river, which I could follow home. Turning left rather than right out of the hardware store had me heading for the coast, but the roads all started twisting about. I’ve never really been in this particular area, but I have an excellent sense of direction and knew that if I just kept trending west, I’d eventually hit Marine Drive.

Sure enough I got sucked into and completely spun about in one of those new McMansion housing developments with roads all going this way and that, lots of dead-ends, and no straight paths. It was waaaaay up on a hill, which I had no idea existed, with spectacular views to the NE, towards my home and the mountains behind. Wow. I just wandered slowly, puttering about at 25 MPH through the completed and incomplete McMansions. As I crested a rise I caught sight of a bonnet, and a set of headlights that screamed “Series 1 E-type” parked on the right hand side.

Jaguar? nope...
Jaguar? nope...

As the car came completely into view, I knew that it was NOT a Jaguar. I came to halt right in front of it and I recognized the name in chrome script in the grille. This is the first time I have ever seen one “in the flesh” so to speak…

A Mazda Cosmo Sport

Mazda Cosmo Sport

It was almost as if an Alfa Romeo and a E-type mated and had a kid… mutt though it is.

This particular one was also white, and for sale. So if anyone wants one, let me know. 😉

Here is an article Jay Leno wrote about his. Maybe he wants another one? If anyone knows him, and he’s in the market for another one, let me know, I can probably find it again.

I eventually did find my way to Marine Drive, and home. A nice Sunday drive. I love doing that… wandering off in the Jaguar, and following roads I’ve never driven. What a great way to get somewhere… in no particular hurry… and occasionaly discover something completely unusual!

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