Fast Food, Seattle Style


I saw this article in the dead-tree edition of this local “alternative weekly” paper, aptly named “The Seattle Weekly.” On the cover it showed an anime-style cartoon ilustrating Seattle’s love affair with teriyaki. As soon as I saw it, I hoped they’d give Toshi his due… thankfully they did.

When I arrived in Seattle in the early weeks of 1986 I wandered into a Toshi’s, and was served by the man himself. I love teriyiaki and the finest practitionaer of this culinary art is Toshi. Of cousre here in Seattle Teriyaki is as ubiquitous, if not more, than every other food and drink option out there, even coffee or hamburgers. So even without Toshi opening up a new place in another neighborhood every few months any more, there are still a myriad of choices for the consumer. Within a short drive of my office there are easily 25-50 Teriyaki places, all small, locally owned, and excellent.

When I was away from Seattle… my time in the UK in the mid-90s, one of the things I really missed was a good cheap Teriyaki lunch. Of course in London, ANY cheap lunch would be welcome because they just didn’t exist.. probably still don’t!

Looking for an excellent fast-food alternative? Try it Seattle-style! Teriyaki.