8 thoughts on “Car Photo Of The Day: name that car”

  1. yes you have, and yes, I’m pretty sure you are correct. Well I KNOW you are correct on the Bristol part, though I doubt it is a drophead. In fact I’m pretty sure it is a pure roadster… no top. Any guess on the year or any other info?

  2. Looks like some kind of one-off prototype based on a 405D, so that would place it between 1954 and ’58. Sorry I can’t be more specific than that; I don’t know my Bristols as well as I ought! Good-looking car,tho – I always liked the way the radiator cowling rose out of the front clip.

  3. Damn, Pauly. I woulda thought for sure you’d know this one. When it comes to English cars – and NSU’s and Auto Unions – you’re the man, in my book.

  4. Well…what can I say?..;) Thanks anyway for the (slightly) misplaced vote of confidence!
    I love getting stumped, actually! I only learn when I’m clueless!
    I’ll send some of my ‘mystery’ car parts/areas to chuck, he can post them and we can have some fun there, too!

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