My Xmas Gift

Along with the analog-to-digital theme of the past few days, I received a USB turntable for Xmas. I’ve brought a box (one of many!) of old LPs to work and I’m running the conversion process in the background while I work. It is such a joy to hear all these old, obscure albums again! So far I’ve focussed primarily, and quite ironically, on my vast collection of early electronica. Very old Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre LPs.

Today I am finally hearing all of The Concerts In China again! It is as amazing as I recall. It is like I’m back in 1982.

In the height of the Napster craze I was able to snag a few tracks, and since then I’ve (re)purchased a few of JMJ’s albums off the iTunes Music Store… but TCIC and Rendez-Vous, two of my favorites have yet to be released there. (Obscure Chuck Fact: I traveled to Houston specifically to experience the “Rendez-Vous” concert… along with 1.5 million other people… to this day my parents thought it was to visit them… if they only knew. 😉 )

I’m listening as I capture, and right now is the sublime “Fishing Junks at Sunset”… I’m in heaven.

4 thoughts on “My Xmas Gift”

  1. Chuck, I’m interested in your opinion of the sound quality of these converted tunes. The War Department lobbies strenuously to have me toss my modest collection of vinyl but I am physically incapable of doing so. I know a discussion of playback quality needs the context of the playback equipment being used, but whaddya say?

  2. Well Mark, I am probably the wrong guy to ask. I am NOT an audiophile. I like music, I just don’t have a deep appreciation for the gear, sorry. I’m the same way with cameras. I don’t really consider myself a “photographer” so much as a visual artist who happens to use a camera now and then. I’m trained in composition and “seeing” not in F-stops and shutter speeds.

    My iPod is a good enough bit of gear for me so just having the music I already own available in a compatible format is the important part for me.

    The software allows me to remove the gross clicks and pops. You can certainly tell the music came from an LP though!

    I had forgotten how shockingly low-tech and honestly crappy vinyl was! having atmospheric issues affect playback at such a profound level. I don’t have to remove dust from my MP3s. 😉

    I plan on ripping the stuff I really want to keep and then ditching the gear and likely even the LPs themselves. Their only real value to me is their packaging. I do miss that square foot of space in which to express things visually. Gone forever and lamented… unlike the media within!


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