“The Future may look something like the 20th century in reverse.”

“The future may look something like the 20th century in reverse. The unfree nations will grow so quickly that they will overwhelm free nations with their economic might.”

That quote is from Kevin Hassett, director of economic policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute. Just one of the many very interesting tidbits found in this article.

Well worth the read. The article (by Rowan Callick) raises many questions about how Free-Market Capitalism is coexisting with repressive government in China, in direct opposition to western enlightenment and the Hume/Smith governmental philosophy and economic theory.It should not work, but somehow it is. Is this due to cultural differences? It also explores the extension of “soft power” over the globe and the influence it has (far GREATER than “hard power” … a lesson our current leaders have somehow either forgotten or never learned!) Probably the most interesting thing I have read in a while.

I have my own thoughts about this subject, but I’m interested in hearing yours… if you have them.