David E Davis' Corvette: For Sale

I am now an honest to gawd professional photographer. I’ve been published before but this time somebody has written a check… well, in theory at least. Go download this month’s issue of Winding Road. You can find it here. It is a great magazine with excellent writing and fantastic photography. I’m honored to be chosen and included.

They have two of my images in their current issue. The first is found on page 18, in David E. Davis’ editorial column “American Driver.” It is of his Corvette, taken on the second day of the 2006 Going To The Sun Rally.

The next image is on the “IBC”…

Winding Road

This shot of course is becoming famous… having appeared in the XKEData calendar this past year. I’d love it even more if I hadn’t gotten a ticket from an Idaho State Trooper 40-some miles past that sign the last time I drove that stretch. =\

The images are so washed out because the summer of 2006 was a really bad one for forest fires in the west and the air was basically a blanket of smoke. Makes for grainy and flat photos. Oh well.

5 thoughts on “Published!”

  1. I have *LONG* believed your stuff to be excellent, enough so to get paid for it!
    Now, if you send’m one of those stories of the various rallyes you and your dad have done..I’ll wager a hot dinner they’ll buy that, TOO!
    THEN I’ll have a reason to get a subscription!
    Many deserved congrats to you, and I’m THRILLED to be a F.O.C.!

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