Some pictures from recent events…

1. A couple of weekends ago I took two boys up to Mt. Baker for some skiing. Well I did some skiing, but the boys chose to give snowboarding a try. I used to snowboard about 15 years ago, but gave it up after getting involved in a collision (and NO, it was not my fault!) with two drunken skiers up on Snoqualmie Pass. Plus, I think snowboarding is only fun when the snow is really wet and deep, otherwise it is just a pain in the ass. Literally.

I don’t think the boys had as much fun as they thought they would. I think Nick is going to stick to skiing.

Here are the pictures.

2. The Jaguar Clubs of North America are having their Annual General Meeting here in Seattle, in fact a stones throw from my office. So I’m attending (actually speaking to the group with Roger Los & Steven DuChene about They had a dinner last night at Boeing’s Museum of Flight (even CLOSER to my office) so I took some pictures. The first new Jaguar XK on the west coast was there, so lots of pics of it too.

Here are those pictures.

3 thoughts on “Pictures!”

  1. but the Jag is really an Aston! and doesn’t look as good! 🙂 – great aircraft museum, I’ll have to visit that one day!

  2. Pictures are 404…?

    The annual MacBU Advisory Council meeting for this year has been moved from late spring to November. Sounds like cold rain, but I plan to attend. And unless I go to Seattle just for the helluvit sometime in the summer, I plan to take at least an extra day to check out the Boeing museum. If it’s close to your office, I might drop by there too.

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